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How COVID-19 Can Help Break the Circumcision Cycle

The United States is now the epicenter of the global coronavirus pandemic, and our medical resources are stretched thin. There is a shortage of health care professionals to care for the thousands of terribly ill COVID-19 patients who have flooded our hospitals, which...

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A silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic?

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the American College of Surgeons released an advisory recommending that that hospitals, health systems and surgeons "thoughtfully review all scheduled elective procedures with a plan to minimize, postpone, or cancel electively...

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Voices — H Smith

I was born and raised on an isolated farm in East Africa, a descendant of a Boer War veteran who settled there in the early 20th century. My younger brother and I seldom saw other children. At the age of six, I was sent to boarding school. I can still remember the...

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Voices — Amanda Bunch

I believe strongly that baby boys should not be circumcised. For me this is an issue of personal choice, a basic human right that a baby can’t claim for himself. I first thought seriously about this in my twenties when I read an article in a body modification e-zine....

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Voices — David Arnold

I am 77 years old. It has taken me a lifetime to deal with the consequences of the trauma of my circumcision as a newborn infant in 1942. For most of my life, the earliest memory I had of my mother was when we were traveling on a railroad train across the western...

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Redesigned website

Intact America is proud to announce that we have launched our new website! It took a long time, but it looks FANTASTIC! We are grateful to all who made it happen: Stephen Patterson, Intact America's Director of Constituent Outreach; Erica DeJoannis, a Washington-based...

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Voices – Marilyn Milos, RN

Since her days as a hospital floor nurse more than 35 years ago, Marilyn Milos, RN, has been at the front of the fight to end forced circumcision in the U.S. She founded the National Organization of Circumcision Resource Centers (NOCIRC), now Genital Autonomy –...

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Voices – Joshua Armitage

When I became an intactivist, I found that simply bringing up the subject with others provoked responses falling into one of two categories: disgust, horror, and disbelief; or entrenchment and defensiveness. If this person was a circumcised man, the reaction would be...

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Voices – Rev. Vincent Turner

Recently, a longtime friend confided that had his wife given birth to a boy rather than to their daughter, he would not have allowed his son to be circumcised. He had researched circumcision and found it unnecessary and unjustified. After hearing my friend's...

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Do You Know: Your voice is needed?

Each year, the month of June marks the national celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride in the United States. This year's Pride celebration in New York City is anticipated to be the largest ever, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Despite how far...

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