JUNE 2019

What is it about PRIDE?

June is Pride Month, and 2019 marks the 10th year in a row that Intact America has had a presence at NYC Pride — the largest Pride demonstration in the world, and in 2019, the site of World Pride.

On Sunday, June 30, again we will have a booth at PrideFest, the enormous street fair where hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers and tourists from the U.S. and around the world browse and take in the information and products featured. Last year, Intact America gave away two thousand packets containing #ForeskinPride bracelets, Pride-wrapped condoms with the IA logo, and flyers with foreskin facts. Visitor to our booth also had the chance to meet and snap selfies with "Foreskin Frank." And this year, they’ll be able to meet Frank’s Latino cousin, "Paco Prepucio" (just out of the closet!) and pick up a Spanish-language information card.

 But in addition to the opportunity to spread the word about the virtues of the intact male body, Pride sends a message: Every single person has the right to make decisions about their own body, without the unwanted interference of others. The spirit of Pride is one of inclusion, of tolerance, and of... well, being PROUD of being oneself.

Only a few years ago, just as LGBTQ people felt compelled to keep their essential identity a secret, men with intact genitals were shamed. Strangely, people whose genitals had been surgically altered against their will felt ashamed, too — that somehow their pain and rage were misplaced or insignificant. Today, thanks to the work of organizations like Intact America, and thanks to the trailblazers who are now bringing us PRIDE, we are all freer to talk openly, be open, and speak out so that future generations won’t have to endure such shame.

So..., if you're in the New York area on June 30, come and visit the Intact America booth at PrideFest. We'll be announcing the exact location as soon as we have it, stay tuned!




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Recently, a longtime friend confided that had his wife given birth to a boy rather than to their daughter, he would not have allowed his son to be circumcised. He had researched circumcision and found it unnecessary and unjustified. After hearing my friend's revelation, I began to reflect on my own father. Read more >>

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By Stephen Patterson, Intact America

Each year, the month of June marks the national celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride in the United States. This year's Pride celebration in New York City is anticipated to be the largest ever, in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising.

Despite how far the LGBTQ+ rights movement has come since the 60s — and the triumph of marriage equality in 2015 — this social change movement is far from over. So often you'll hear stories from LGBTQ+ people recounting experiences of "hiding" themselves from others or, worse, hiding any trauma they may be carrying.

What's unique about the Pride celebration is that it empowers millions of people to take a public stand, to be vocal, and to claim their identity. The importance of standing up for those who don't have a voice, to proclaim the right to bodily autonomy and to healthy sexual futures are just some of the reasons why the LGBTQ+ community embraces the intactivist message — and why Intact America supports Pride.

We understand how powerful and influential a voice can be, especially when lent to a righteous and moral social change movement. This understanding is what motivated the Intact America team to launch our "Voices" series last year.

Just recently, the BBC published an account about a young, intact man who took his own life after being circumcised. Part of what makes this story so tragic is that his family and friends were unaware of his circumcision, and of his suffering.

In the weeks following the article's publication, men started to comment publicly, sharing their own circumcision experiences.

For some, this was their first time opening-up about their struggles; many said that even their intimate partners don't know the feelings they're harboring.

Unfortunately, this paradox is common. So many circumcised American men...and so many others aren't able to share their feelings about having had their genitals cut when they were children.

If you're reading this and feel that child genital cutting has negatively impacted your personal life, or your sex life, you are not alone. Every day 3,000 baby boys have their genitals cut in the United States.

Your own experience with child genital cutting is unique to you, but these stories share a common theme. What we want our community to know is that there's power in your story — power to encourage, power to educate, power to heal, power to influence, power to mobilize — but that power is relinquished once you refuse share it.

We cannot hope to change the way America thinks about child genital cutting — about circumcision — if we're unwilling to talk about why a change is needed in the first place. Our allies in the LGBTQ+ community would have never claimed their rights if they hadn't spoken out — loudly.

"Hiding" from our circumcision experience(s)...

• gives this abhorrent practice the appearance of normality/compliance.

• is unhealthy and prevents the healing of emotional trauma.

• will not help the intactivist movement to reach the tipping point

Without your support and your voice, the intactivist movement will languish. Take pride in your identity and your beliefs. Use the power of your story, the power of your voice.

(If you or someone you know is feeling depressed or suicidal please seek emergency care, consult a licensed therapist, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255)




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