Anna Getty Joins Intact America in Working to Protect Babies’ Rights

Parenting, green-living, and holistic life expert Anna Getty has joined forces with Intact America, signing on to its Board of Advocates.

Pregnancy Awareness MonthAnna’s career has spanned everything from actress and chef to yoga instructor, jewelry designer, blogger and author. Together with Alisa Donner, Anna founded Pregnancy Awareness Month™ (PAM) three years ago with the goal of empowering pregnant women and new parents with information, “how-to” ideas, and inspiration. They teach women to incorporate PAM’s four key initiatives – education, exercise, nutrition & wellness, and nurture – into their life routines, showing them how easy it can be to make healthy changes for themselves and their children.

Anna became involved with Intact America "to be an advocate for every human to have the right to make their own choices. When I gave birth to my son (as with my daughter), I looked at him and knew I wanted his body respected and honored. I did not want to and do not want to force my will or beliefs on my children nor onto anyone. Both my children came into this world intact and unless they choose to change their bodies in some way once they have become adults, I have chosen to leave their bodies alone."

Anna also founded, a website and blog devoted to “promoting a life in balance with the planet, with yourself, with your environment.” You can read more about Anna and her commitment to healthy living here.


Intact America's Board of Advocates consists of leaders in the arts, media, and entertainment communities who are willing to come forward and stand up for baby boys' rights to bodily integrity.