Soraya Miré, FGM Activist, Joins Intact America's Board of Advocates

Activist, filmmaker, speaker, survivor... these are just a few of Soraya Miré's many accomplishments. Born in Somalia in 1961, Soraya has become a global leader in the fight against forced female genital mutilation (FGM). We're proud to announce that after working closely with Georganne Chapin and Intact America since its inception, she has agreed to serve on our Board of Advocates.Soraya Mire

Speaking at an Intact America press conference last summer, Soraya explained why she supports the cause to end infant circumcision in the United States. "The same universal human right to an intact body that I have fought for on behalf of women and girls must apply to boys as well, especially those who are too young to make an informed decision about the integrity of their bodies," she said. "We need to ask ourselves: How can it be wrong to surgically alter the genitals of a baby girl without her consent but okay to surgically alter the genitals of a baby boy?"

Soraya, a survivor of female genital mutilation at just 13, has devoted her life to protecting innocent children who cannot defend themselves against genital cutting. An accomplished filmmaker and actress, Soraya appeared in Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" and helped found V-Day in 1998. In addition to founding her own production company, Persistent Productions, she also wrote, directed, and produced the documentary film "Fire Eyes" in 1994. The film, which brings awareness to female genital mutilation and how the practice damages women physically and psychologically, won the United Nations Humanitarian Award. You can view the film in its entirety online.

Soraya is a tremendous source of inspiration and support to women around the world. For her bravery and courage, she received Intact America's Award for Personal Courage in March 2009. You can see her inspirational acceptance speech here.

Intact America's Board of Advocates consists of leaders in the arts, media, and entertainment communities who are willing to come forward and stand up for baby boys' rights to bodily integrity.