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2018 End-of-Year Fundraiser
Raising money for a good cause is not uncomplicated and requires great effort. For one thing, there are so many other charitable organizations out there vying for your support. For this reason, we’re wholly indebted to you, our donors — past, present, and future — for endorsing Intact America’s message, finding value in our work, and understanding that we genuinely cannot operate without your financial support.

Although arduous and burdensome, we understand that as a small, non-profit organization exclusively funded by our constituency, we can’t afford to waste an opportunity to let you know how much we need your sustained assistance.

With just a couple weeks left in the year, we’re nearing the end of our 2018 EOY fundraiser. On behalf of the Intact America team we want to thank everyone who has contributed or plans to contribute to meet the match offered by an Illinois donor.

Truly, thank you.

As of this writing, we are at $20,000 of that $50,000 gift match. We hope you’ll join us in this final push to reach our fundraising goal by midnight, December 31st.

Foreskin Protection Campaign: Made to Stick
At the beginning of the new year, Intact America will launch our Made to Stick program, part of our Foreskin Protection Campaign, aimed at preventing the forcible retraction of boys’ foreskin.

Earlier in the year, Intact America conducted a survey that revealed that a staggering 43 percent of intact (not circumcised) boys have had their foreskins forcibly retracted by an adult at least once by the age of seven. The survey also found that close to half of these forcible retractions were done by physicians, and nine percent by nurses. More than 25 percent of parents said either they or their spouse had forced their son’s foreskin back following doctor’s instructions.

Intact America has developed a multi-pronged strategic plan to stop this harmful practice through education, direct action, persuading medical associations to help us educate their membership, public advocacy, and by encouraging colleagues and patients to speak up. Doctors and nurses who practice retraction and who don’t respond to persuasion will be called out and pressured to stop. If that doesn’t work, Intact America will work with our colleagues and constituents to pursue legal remedies. Perpetrators will be held to account.

Stay tuned for more information in the new year!

Farewell to 2018
Another year gone by means we are one year closer to reaching the tipping point – the point at which a critical number of Americans will have come to believe that the foreskin is natural and doesn’t need to be removed.

From all of us at Intact America, we wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday and a prosperous New Year! Here’s to another great year for intactivism!

Stephen Patterson
Director of Constituent Outreach




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Interested in lending your voice? Send an email to [email protected], giving us a brief summary of what you would like to write about, and we will get back to you.



Just last month (November 2018) a federal judge in Detroit declared that the 1996 law prohibiting Female Genital Mutilation is unconstitutional. What might this mean for the future of MGM (i.e., male circumcision) in the United States?

To answer that question, a little background is in order.

Prosecutors had charged Dr. Jumana Nagarwala of violating U.S. Code § 116, by performing surgery on the genitals of two seven-year old girls whose mothers had brought them from Minnesota to Michigan for the procedure. The physician and the girls’ families are all members of the Dawoodi Bohra sect of Islam, based in India. The case – the first prosecution under the federal FGM prohibition – has been watched closely by intactivists. The multiple available defenses for the procedure – among these, that it is safe and harmless, that it represents a legitimate exercise of religious freedom – closely parallel the justifications presented for the circumcision of little boys.

While of course objecting to the mutilation of any child, we have all been struck by the blindness and hypocrisy underlying a double standard that allows doctors to promote and collect money for cutting more than one million little boys each year, while proclaiming outrage and revulsion against the practice of cutting little girls.

However, ultimately, the Federal court ruling had nothing to do with the law’s failure to provide for equal protection. Rather, Judge Friedman found that Congress “overstepped” in 1996 when they passed 18 U.S. Code § 116, in part because the activity it attempts to regulate is a “local criminal activity,” and criminal law generally is left to the states to regulate and enforce.

This reasoning clearly does not help us with male genital mutilation. Efforts to ban infant (male) circumcision in San Francisco fell to a similar rationale about jurisdiction, with the Court ruling that because states regulate the practice of medicine, the city of San Francisco had no authority to do so. (Another argument against even bringing the issue to a vote claimed that it was so divisive that it would cause civil unrest.)

So, how might this ruling eventually help the intactivist cause? For now, the answer lies in activism at the state level.

As of mid-2017, 26 states had laws on their books prohibiting genital cutting of girls, though actual prosecutions have been few. These laws are clearly not threatened by the Federal judge’s narrow ruling in Nagarwala that recognizes only state jurisdiction over criminal behavior (here, assault and battery, among other causes of action). In the meantime, several other states have seen legislative proposals to enact such laws, but these have fallen or languished, often because of pushback from immigrant communities who have traditionally practiced female genital cutting.

We know that all states’ anti-FGM laws, and every such proposed state law, violate the constitution in that they deny equal protection to boys. We also believe that for now, legal challenges are impractical (among other reasons, because of the financial cost). But grassroots activism is not impractical. In fact, it’s essential. Just as immigrant communities have been influential in squelching state anti-FGM laws, intactivists – individually and organizationally – can and must respond to such actual or proposed laws in their states, weighing in with letters to legislators, letters to the editor of their local papers, and speaking out among friends and neighbors in the community. (See the link in our newsletter to intactivist Greg Hartley’s letter to the editor of his hometown newspaper.)

This kind of speaking out makes a difference, often provoking people to think about something they might have avoided or ignored in the past.

Please share with us any published letters you see or write about the FGM ruling, or about legal and other concerns related to the genital cutting of children. We will be sure to share them with the Intact America community.




Every week, our YouTube curator and former Intactivist of the Month, Shelton Walden uploads both new and vintage clips related to circumcision in the United States and beyond.

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