Welcome to the August 2019 issue of Intact America's newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

Things haven't slowed down for Intact America this summer. New York City PrideFest has receded into the background as we've been working to polish off some new initiatives. Here are some of the things we've been working on — and that you can look forward to seeing in the coming weeks.

A new mobile-friendly website. A long time in the making, our new website will be ready for launch by mid-September.

A new mobile app and "white paper" about genital cutting as an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE). The commonly used ACEs questionnaire asks respondents if any adult fondled their genitals when they were children, but remarkably — doesn't ask if anybody cut or mutilated their genitals. Intact America is proposing that genital cutting be added to the ACEs inventory, and will be issuing a press release shortly.

Made to Stick. This campaign addresses the epidemic of forcible foreskin retraction being carried out by misinformed medical professionals and caregivers upon intact boys. We're wrapping up the final outreach plan and looking for support from donors and collaboration with the medical community.

Video communications with our supporters. Stay tuned!

And, of course... We're busy answering inquiries from journalists (see the recent article from The Guardian about the American intactivist movement), as well as your emails, phone calls and Facebook messages. Every time Intact America appears in the news, we're hit with a welcome barrage of new subscribers, many of them looking to connect personally and asking for advice on how to spread the word about intactivism. It's all good movement toward the tipping point — that time when a critical number of Americans believe that it's the natural thing to do to keep a baby boy intact, and that the uncut male body is normal and desirable.

Finally, Intact America is about to "celebrate" our 11th birthday, with a fundraising campaign designed to recruit monthly donors. (I say celebrate because wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to keep telling people it's not ok to cut body parts off babies?) But here we are... and regular, repeating donations — even those as small as $10/month — really truly are the best way to ensure that we can continue to do this work. We are alive today thanks to continuing support from our founding donor, and to those of you in the intactivist community who understand what's required to make social change. When you receive the messages from our birthday campaign (or NOW, if you prefer), please join the group of IA's monthly supporters, if you haven’t already!

Thanks so much for being a part of Intact America — the largest organization in the world fighting for the right of ALL children to keep the bodies they were born with.

Georganne Chapin
Founding Executive Director




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I have understood for years that circumcising a baby boy is a horrific act of mutilation. But even though I was circumcised as an infant, for most of my adult life my views on it remained an intellectual exercise. Read more >>

Interested in lending your voice? Send an email to [email protected], giving us a brief summary of what you would like to write about, and we will get back to you.



By Marilyn Milos, RN
Clinical Consultant to Intact America

The most common cause of an inflamed foreskin in a child is yeast overgrowth. If your son's foreskin has become pink or red in color, swollen, and sensitive or painful when he urinates, it's likely that the friendly bacteria on his genital tissue have been destroyed, giving yeast (which also lives on our skin) room to expand. Healthy bacteria on the human genitals are suppressed by antibiotics, bubble baths, soap or shampoo in bath water, and chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs.

The simple remedy for yeast on a boy's foreskin is to dab some liquid Acidophilus culture (the active ingredient in yogurt or another probiotic) onto the foreskin six times a day for three days. (Liquid acidophilus can be purchased at health food stores and in some pharmacies.) It will kill the yeast and allow healthy bacteria to reproduce. This three-day regimen should do the trick for your son and restore his foreskin to good health.

During this bacterial replacement therapy, please: no swimming, no soap on the foreskin, no soap or shampoo in the bath water! Only warm water should be used on the penis.

After treatment, you can prevent against yeast overgrowth caused by chlorinated pool water by applying a non-petroleum jelly as a barrier cream on the foreskin before swimming or going in the hot tub. Put the cream on your son's foreskin (or if he's old enough, he can do this himself) before going into the water. When he's done, rinse the chlorine off and wipe away the cream.

If you have any additional questions about foreskin problems, don't hesitate to ask us at: [email protected]



Every week, our YouTube curator and former Intactivist of the Month, Shelton Walden uploads both new and vintage clips related to circumcision in the United States and beyond.

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