One of Intact America's greatest strengths is the diverse and supportive intactivist community. Our "Intactivist of the Month" series highlights some of the most ardent opponents of infant and childhood circumcision, whose tireless efforts will ensure a future where all babies are kept intact.

OCTOBER 2013: This month, Intact America honors Anthony Losquadro, founder of the anti-circumcision organizations Intaction and HealthyNaturalBaby. A successful businessman, Anthony uses his corporate marketing expertise to reach a wide range of people with the intactivist message. You'll find him at health and baby fairs, men's support groups, protests, and even sidewalk theater demonstrations. Anthony Losquadro

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Anthony has been fighting for babies' rights for many years. Inspired by the personal and professional commitment of long-time intactivists such as Marilyn Milos, he has been an ally of Intact America ever since he met Georganne Chapin at a 2010 hearing in Boston for a proposed Male Genital Mutilation Bill.

At the hearing, Anthony spoke eloquently about circumcision: "It’s medieval, it’s barbaric. It’s a billion dollar a year industry. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s a bread and butter staple for the medical profession and hospitals. It’s even better for the bio-tech and cosmetic companies that use the neonatal tissue in their products."

He goes on to speak about intactivists, and his reasons for being so outspoken: "We believe that each person has the inalienable right to choose for himself, as a consenting adult of 18 years or older, the status of his sexual organs. The measure of any democracy is its ability to rule by majority, but protect the minority, and protect those who are innocent or can’t defend themselves. Certainly no one is more innocent and defenseless, or more deserving of protection than a newborn infant. Why am I here? What happened to me can’t be reversed in a true sense. There are no time machines that will take me back to 1965. I am here to give others the chance I never had. I’m here to give American newborns a chance, the chance to be brought into the world in peace, without being immediately introduced to pain and suffering. The chance to be left alone."

In a video interview conducted by James Loewen at the 2012 Genital Autonomy Symposium in Helsinki, Finland, Anthony explains his journey into intactivism and why it was important to him to track down the man who cut him when he was an infant. "I wanted him to know how deeply his actions affected me, that he violated my rights."

Anthony's intactivism is rooted in a desire to communicate and reach people directly. "Through helping others we help ourselves. I meet and work with so many wonderful people from around the world to further the cause, and I get to promote and discuss an otherwise very private social issue with the public. I enjoy working the crowd at a health or baby show; right now I'm particularly focused on encouraging men and helping them to understand that this is their issue, and something they should not be embarrassed or ashamed to discuss."

"I'm grateful that we have an organization like Intact America to provide leadership for the movement. Intact America’s professionalism, on-point messaging, and well-thought-out strategies really set the standard for all intactivists and intactivist organizations."

"Hearing Anthony speak at the MGM hearing in Boston moved me to tears,” says Georganne Chapin, executive director of Intact America. "Anthony took the stand before a panel of legislators and a hundred observers, revealing his feelings about what happened to his body, his genitals, when he was a tiny baby. Here was this powerful, handsome man speaking a truth that the vast majority of Americans are still too terrified to acknowledge. I truly believe that nobody in that room that day will ever forget his testimony. I consider it both my duty and my privilege to work alongside Anthony, to spare other boys and men from such injustice.”

Watch Anthony's video interview, in which he talks about confronting his circumciser:



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