Alan Cumming Joins Forces with Intact America

We're thrilled to announce that Alan Cumming, award-winning star of stage and screen, has joined Intact America's Board of Advocates. A staunch supporter of boys' rights to genital integrity, he recently blogged about his work with Intact America:

"Today I had a meeting with Intact America, an organisation that is determined to stop the unnecessary genital mutilation of baby boys through circumcision. I have a foreskin. I am meant to have one. It's not there for no reason. Why are so many babies (more than half the population of U.S. males alone) made to have a piece of their genitals lopped off at only a few days old? It's insane and cruel and pandemic, and I believe we all need to question why we do it, examine the (sometimes tragic) effects of doing it, and be educated about foreskin health.

With my friend, photographer Francis Hills, I'm starting a campaign asking well-known people to be photographed wearing a sweater like the one I'm wearing in this picture, to raise both awareness and cash. Eventually the plan is to have gallery show of the pictures and to produce a calendar. So, all you well-known peeps out there who, like me, feel that we need to stand up and question why we allow such a traumatic and violent act to be repeated unthinkingly generation after generation, get in touch with me!"

Alan achieved international fame with his Tony Award-winning performance in "Cabaret," and has been featured in dozens of Hollywood films, including X2: X Men United, the Spy Kids trilogy, and The Anniversary Party. He recently released his first album, I Bought a Blue Car Today, to great critical acclaim.

Intact America's Board of Advocates consists of leaders in the arts, media, and entertainment communities who are willing to come forward and stand up for baby boys' rights to bodily integrity.